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Keyword Search

The Search feature on the Left Navigation Bar enables you to conduct text-based queries of the Gateway's database of resource descriptions. A text search can be composed of one or more keywords, and you can specify whether you wish to look for all the words, any of the words, or an exact phrase. In addition, a text search can be filtered by specifying topics of interest from drop-down menus.

Text searches are made against the Gateway database of resource descriptions, or records. A record is composed of separate data fields that describe various attributes of the resource. The following fields are included in Gateway full text index:

  • Title
  • Topic
  • Description
  • Keywords
  • Historical Date

Successful queries return a list of search results. Clicking on a resource link in the result list will open a new browser window displaying the selected resource on a Gateway partner Web site.

Keyword search can also be used in combination with the Gateway's other resource discovery features. Refer to the examples in the History Browser and Timeline "Help" sections for guidance in these areas.