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CHAPTER 5: The Compagnies Franches de la Marine of Canada

The Exhaustion Of The Iroquois (2 pages)

A Costly Raid Against Montreal

Governor General Frontenac brandishing a war hatchet

Governor General Frontenac brandishing a war hatchet
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In 1691, Major Schuyler set out for Montreal leading a force of 300 men, including New York militiamen and Iroquois. On August 11, he attacked Fort Laprairie without success, although the French suffered substantial losses. While Schuyler withdrew, confident of having nothing more to fear, the French mobilized some 700 soldiers and militiamen and part of this force caught up with the English force. A desperate battle ensued, at the end of which the New Yorkers and their allies retreated, leaving 83 dead, including 17 Amerindians, against only five or six wounded for the French.